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FORZA (Two-Platen)


Plastic Injection Molding Mahines manufacturers, India, Forza Two Platen Plastic Injection Molding Mahine Manufacturers

Plastic Injection Moulding Mahines, Forza Two Platen Plastic Injection Molding Mahine

Forza Two Platen Plastic Injection Moulding Mahine, LK Machinery India Pvt. Ltd.

A versatile and efficient FORZA two-plate plastic injection moulding machine for large parts

The compact Forza two-plate injection moulding machine will let you enjoy the freedom of a small footprint, multi-functional process capability, and tonnes of application-oriented add-on modules that sophisticated processors are seeking.

  • The new two-platen clamping design provides the most moulding space while having the smallest footprint. 
  • Flexible and modular machine clamping and injection matrices, including plug-and-play modules, are perfect for diverse markets and applications.
  • very good dry cycle performance. First, servo pump technology was applied to large tonnage two-platen platforms, resulting in significant energy savings. 
  • Linear guide rails for clamping and injection motion support
  • Single cylinder injection unit guarantees the good injection performance.
  • Clamping force: 450Ton - 7000Ton.