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LK is committed to helping both new and existing customers to be more competitive in market by improving product quality, optimizing production cost and efficiency, and advancing up-to-date technology. Our goal is to assist our customers to develop and implement well-planned production models.


Energy Saving Servo Solution

Strain Gauge up to pressure die casting & injection molding 80-3000T



Auto Safety Door

Refurbishment of Pressure Die Casting

We recondition die casting machines of any size and can offer both a complete overhaul or a partial repair/revamping of the various machine units.

Complete reconditioning/retrofitting includes a check-up of all parts: the hydraulic, electrical and electronic items are replaced by new parts, while all the mechanical parts are repaired (if possible) or replaced with new ones, all cylinders are re-chromed and the pipes are restored.

Complete reconditioning of the Toggle Clamping Unit includes the boring and grinding of the tie bars, as well as the replacement of all bushes, pins and all the Phosphorous Bronze components of the unit.

In particular, all the hydraulic piston rods and cylinder sleeves are repaired. New appropriate Hydraulic seals replaced before assembly and tested for performance.



Refurbishment of Hot Chamber Die Casting Machines

Electrical Panels & Wiring



Industrial Training

Industrial Pressure Die Casting Training



Machine Installation

LK Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. offers the latest services related to products from highly trained professional engineers to the clients.

It provides easy and quick installation and commissioning of machineries like plastic injection molding as well as die casting.

Installation & Service Support

Our team of factory trained dedicated workers is ready to help you with any kind of installation needs. These are available 24/7 to provide complete customer support service to the clients.



Machine Assembly

We have a wide range of Machine Assembly for you like Plastic Injection Molding Machines which is quality tested by our experienced technicians and engineers.

We perform standard testing to check whether machines are performing effectively.

Injection Moulding Machine Assembly

LK Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. uses high tech machines to produce complex parts and assemblies of Injection Moulding Machine Assembly.

Also, our concept has proven to be very successful in producing sophisticated replacements for traditional machining with deep precision.




LK Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturers are focused to developed standard range of solutions from innovative concepts and to implementing them.

We have superior products to offer our clients and hard working team of engineers which is enough to represent our strengths in front of various industries.
We are reputedly recognised in the field of production and mechanical engineering because of our dedication towards supporting the Research & Development, Designing, Validating and testing the products.


We are a global leader in the industry comprising of hundreds of global patents which shows our presence as a world class organisation.

It displays our Spirit to be enough creative for our clients to meet their various demands.

The commitment of our team towards adapting new enhanced technologies and turned to be highly beneficial for our clients.



Vertical Integeation

LK Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in vertical manufacturing and expanding towards integration and optimization.

We try to make the manufacturing in structured way in order to design them for obtaining maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

We ensure the manufacturing of product through our quality controls, raw material sourcing and all key components related to machine.

Our manufacturing and product development teams are far-sighted new thinkers who focus on strategies to obtain greater product quality at low costs. This will be helpful in obtaining maximum operating efficiency of machines.

Precise Capability

LK’s machining technology and accuracy is proven and supported with our CNC machine tool centers. Our dedication to precise manufacturing and update production technology makes our machines more reliable and durable for the benefits of quality, consistency, and high output per capital. Our precise capability and high standard are well-received by customers.



Single Source Responsibility

LK Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. deals with all priorities for the clients. It provides single source solutions to our customers in a very time-efficient way and also focuses on the understanding of what people want.

Our customers benefit from a single source of accountability and insight that enables faster decision making at all levels of the value chain.

Thus, it also reduces the amount of cost and secondary operations. We want our customers to be highly competitive in the market place.

Warranty & Services

We provide complete assurance to the customers regarding our products. Our machines are well designed, engineered and accurately manufactured by keeping all the standards in mind.
Our warranty services are leading to quality, reliability, versatility. We also provide the technical support for lifetime of product.
Our team is available for 24 hours for dealing with troubleshooting, quick assistance and shipment services.
All our machines are designed and manufactured to meet exacting specifications with respect to quality.
Our process is designed in such a way to minimise the risk of working issues by testing them completely before delivery and make sure that our customers are happy with every aspect of our machines.



Spare Parts

LK Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. create a huge variety of Spare Parts for different grades and models of machineries making them easily available for our clients.
These spare parts are strictly made in accordance to meet complete specifications without compromising on quality or other factors.

Its manufacturing is done in less time and can be provided at reasonable prices.