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Computerised Numerical Control Machine Manufacturers, Suppliers

L.K. Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading CNC Machine Manufacturers Suppliers in India. We have been in the market since the year 1979.

We have gained the immense popularity for our quality products and services. The CNC Machine Manufacturers have always been a step ahead and are constantly innovating to stay relevant.

Our team is dedicated to providing the best solutions to our clients with a focus on customer satisfaction.

What is CNC Machine?

CNC Machines are computerized machines that make precise cuts in the metal and plastic materials. It is an automated machine that uses computer numerical control to perform repetitive machining tasks.

It can be used to move the cutting tool or workpiece using servo motors to ensure accuracy and repeatability during the machining process.

It is a computer controlled Machine that uses numerical control to make parts from digital files. This allows for greater accuracy and more efficiency than traditional machining methods.

Industrial CNC Machine Applications: -

CNC Machines are computerized numerical control Machines that can be used in industries like-
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics

Why Choose Our L.K. Machinery India - CNC Machine?

  • Our CNC Machine Suppliers provide the custom-made solutions that can be customized according to your needs, budget, and specifications.
  • We also provide a wide range of services such as consulting, design, engineering, installation, training, service etc., which can be provided at your convenience.
  • The CNC Machine Suppliers offer the Best machine services at affordable rates. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

Features of CNC Computer Numerical Control Machine

The Features of CNC Machine, CNC Milling Machine in India are: -

1. Precision machining: CNC Machines are capable of cutting exact dimensions with accuracy.

2. Milling: The Machine can cut through material in a controlled way, using the cutter head to remove material from the workpiece.

3. Routing: The machine can create complex shapes by routing the edges of a flat workpiece.

4. Turning: Turning is used to create round or square holes in materials like wood or metal.

Benefits of CNC Machine, CNC Milling Machine, India

CNC Machine provide the precision and accuracy in the manufacture of parts.
It also has the ability to produce high volumes of products quickly without human intervention.

It provides many benefits including-
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced tooling costs, and
  • Increased customer satisfaction

MV Series:

Strong Cutting Widely Use In Exact Parts and Tooling’s Extraordinary Flexibility In Application Highest Efficiency In Production Super Spindle Power With 15Kw Standard

High efficiency, rare kinds but massive production is the elementary necessity that every manufacturer wins competition in worldwide markets. The proven quality of MV Series machines are in providing of customers with productivity.

Standard Spindle Motor with 11/15Kw is also worked with servo motors in 3-axes with 2/2/3Kw,and continuingly offers asked power and thrust, while doing heavy cutting. Enlarged the castings of column and head on MV series, in order to allow Y-axis travel up to 600mm; make the applications widely use to ultimate ranges. LK Machinery India Pvt. Ltd

  • Machining all kinds of mechanical assembly parts
  • for general precision molds
  • 4 or 5-axes rotary table motion for complex parts
  • for variety or small amounts of parts

Extensively Use in All Kinds of Applications

No matter of machinery or assembly parts, or general Machining for molds, MV Series machines can let you have the ultimate efficiency in production, which is definitely an utmost & economic investment.

MVP Series CNC Machine/Computer Numerical Control

Accurate & Constant

High Speed and Steady Auto Tool Change System Direct Drive High-Speed Spindle at 10000 rpm. Direct Drive Spindle with 10,000rpm is the standard for MVP Series. Motor and spindle are connected by high precise coupling, and perform excellent transmission, display outstanding cutting.

Face Milling Drilling
Tool D63-45 F.M. Cutter D63-45 F.M. Cutter Tool D50 Tapper-Shank Drill D50 Tapper-Shank Drill
Spindle 1500 4000
Feedrate 1500 6000 Spindle 260 300
Cutting Depth 5mm 4mm Feedrate 26 60
Cutting Width 50mm 60mm Cutting Depth 35mm 35mm
Material S45C ALC Material S45C AL5083
Chip removal rate 375C.C. 1440CC
End Milling Tapping
Tool D40 4-blade E.M. Cutter D40 4-blade E.M. Cutter Tool M24 x P3 Tap M30 X P3.5Tap
Spindle 2000 2500 Spindle 150 200
Feedrate 1600 3000
Cutting Depth 3.0mm 10.0mm Feedrate 450 700
Cutting Width 35mm 25mm Cutting Depth 30mm 35mm
Material S45C ALC Material S45C AL5083
Chip removal rate 168C.C. 750C.C.

Comparison in Turning Characteristic:CNC Machine/Computer Numerical Control

MODEL MVP-1050 MVP-650 MVP-850
CNC Control Mitsubishi MBO
Spindle Motor 11/15kw
X/Y/Z Rapid Feedrate 45/48/36
Tapping Efficiency MExP1(sechole) ADC 1.89
Comparison of Cutting Efficiency Regular CNC Machine ProMill
Rapid m/min M
Rapid Travel improved up to 33%
T-T sec Time-saving up 40%
C-C sec Time-saving 30%
Spindle Normal Victor Acceleration/deceleration is better up to 15%

Oil Lubrication (OPT)

makes the possibility of coolant be worse and spoiled much LESS than other normal choices on the markets. The film of oil has better consistency, which can be pretty mitigating the problem of wearing parts/ assembling out. With higher benefit of economics, the general expense per year, including man power, can be decreased one time at least.


Arm type of tool changing system is STANDARD. Hi-speed and constant of tool changing can supply you bestellect & quality of impressive manufacture.

48 Rapid Travel M/Min.

To fit with the requirement of cutting forging mental, the high rapid travel is important; except to have hi-functional & hi-speed spindle, LK Machinery India Pvt. Ltd chooses powerful motors on axes, which can be supplied successively thrust. At the meantime, the MVP series is not only used powerful motors on axes, but also are equipped with pre-loaded ball screws and high-class linear quideway, machines just can be demonstrated qualified cutting presentation

CNC Machine or Computer Numerical Control - MVD Series PRECISION & EFFICIENCY Specialized Design for Manufacturing Molds Hi-speed And Hi-accuracy Performance

LK Machinery India Pvt. Ltd.

MVD Series

MVD Series is designed for mold manufacturing, which is carried with characteristics of mighty capability and incomparable accuracy: be adopted with Direct Drive Spindle at 12.000rpm (BT-40). By the sketch of BT-40 as option chuck, it can be delivered remarkable performance, which is aimed at various kinds of strong hardness of mold and fixture.

Laser Calibration

Ball Bar Test Roller screws of 3 axes have in connection with the entire to be inspected by Laser accuracy of the machine, L.K. Calibration. The backlash Machinery always performs in every checked pichis
Ball Bar Test to all machines automatically compensated centers, in order to be certain into CNC and enhancing the the roundness, straightness maximum positioning as well concentricity, parallelism and As repeably accuracy of the perpendicularity reaching to the

High Power Motor

For the sake of reaching to the maximum production, L.K. Machining Center is assembled with low inertia motor, and it can offer torque at low speed. At the same time, i a ration deceleration output shares the tapping time to the

Shaped Wide-Stance Column The width of the machine column base is largely widened for extra static as well as dynamic rigidity of machine. The 'A' shaped column showcases excellent damping coefficient to deal with heavy duty cutting. The finish of workpiece is boosted and the lifetime of cutting tool is extended Yaris Travel The wide span of X/Y slideways is able to Strengthen the leadiness


Synchronic tapping function at high-speed (OMR-DD) in spindle and servo control is paired with a function of tolerance compensation at high-speed, so superior precision and hi-speed of tapping is able to be achieved. GEO

High-speed Turning Mode:
The process is made by a sequence of slight movement amounts and also several segments can be read, in this condition, it can be executed the tuming by 33,000 segments/min . at a high speed. (Corresponding model M80 Type A)

High-accuracy Control Mode:
At the section of corner made by two straight lines, while executing the movement of finishing round face, it can be done auxiliary control instantly in accordance with the locus of instruction at the same time decrease the tolerance when the movement of finishing round face is possible toward inner side. The practical control in locus is more approached to a value by instruction.

Interpolation Control of 10 Nano:
Even to a commend of turning sequence by unit of one Nano, the interpolation by a unit of 10 Nano can be processed also, hence the more accurate turning is able to be carried out.

SIEMENS 828D Control

MVD series is Adopted with Siemens 828D Control , Which is adopted which is adopted friendly and edited cutting programs easily

Powerful Functions in Operation


Function of 'SINUMERIK Dynamics. it can be read the programs in advance, and also enhanced the finish of parts' surface. Polent operation of machinery dynamics can be presented ultra-excellence in cutting 80 bits of NANO" Accuracy Operation, it is a real controlled-circuit for hi-accuracy completely.

Friendly Operation:

1. Function of Shop Mail- in accordance with a single job, or small batches of producing needs, it shortens the time of editing programs.

2. Function of program GUIDE- On the basis of the demand of massive production, use the most flexible capability to enrich the production capacity