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AVIS & CLASSIC (Hot Chamber)


Avis and classic hot chamber Die-casting Machines in India, Manufacturers|Suppliers

Avis and classic hot chamber Die-casting Machines in India, Manufacturers|Suppliers.

Our advanced hot chamber die casting machines consist of technologies for producing Zinc, Lead alloy product

LK hot chamber die casting machine represents advanced and professional die casting. We have applied latest technologies to fulfill high requirement production. The concept of environmental responsibility is promoted to follow the major trend among the world. We help to convert unrestrained ideas into success.

  • Stable and high performance injection system with 2-stage injection control.
  • Injection powered by piston type accumulator, providing high injection speed.
  • Advanced control ensures fast and reliable operation for machine production.
  • Graphical user interface on color LCD providing easy but professional manipulation.
  • Energy saving device with 50% energy saving on machine (Avis-II series only).
  • High precision hydraulic system provides accurate pressure and flow control to ensure reliable production.
  • Years of experience and continuous improvement to ensure stable operation of machine.
  • Clamping force: 300kN - 4,000kN.