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Steering Wheels


Precision engineered quality for comfort, control, and safety

Steering wheel materials include steel and various polymers. Many high-end stering components are fabricated from aluminum and magnesium and include integrated air bag / control buttons for safety and ease of use. Magnesium steering wheels can be produced on LK magnesium die-casting machines, and then finished in leather or plastic. Our formulated magnesium alloy has a high elongation which will protect the driver against damage.

  • LK die-casting machines' powerful injection can easily produce high elongation aluminum / magnesium casting for the framework of steering wheel products.
  • Full support of magnesium die-casting process technology and experience for manufacturing magnesium steering wheels.
  • Innovation and creative automation for insert loading, and casting de-gating.
  • Cold chamber die-casting machines is available for producing medium size steering wheels. (Please contact us for details.)
  • Control panel / buttons components for steering wheels can be easily produced on LK plastic injection molding machines.